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Two Thousand Trees 2013 – A Review

This review is a touch late (by about 6 months), but here goes anyway.

It’s now February, and, after one of the wettest starts to the year on record, my memories of 2000Trees Festival last summer have faded into a happy, hazy blur.

2012’s festival was defined by mud. Mud, mud, mud. Mud in rivers throughout the site. Oh, and rain. That’s not to say we didn’t have a good time, but the weather made most things a struggle. Last year, however, was like some mystical force had decided – for the first time in the festival’s history – that it was about time that Trees didn’t have any rain at all. In blazing Gloucestershire sunshine; 2013 would be defined by heat.

But the weather isn’t the main reason you go to a festival; Two Thousand Trees prides itself on lining up the best underground UK bands, and that pride is not misplaced. Over the years I’ve seen a few bands play here who have gone on to enjoy greater success, Frank Turner being the obvious example.

The line-up this year included two sets from Frank on the Thursday Early Entry and Friday nights, but as a firm favourite here, he popped up unofficially too and for each performance was greeted like a returning hero. Thursday night’s solo performance was a personal highlight for me, especially as I missed his ‘secret’ set* over at Camp Reuben on Friday. There was a good reason for this though – wandering round the site, we’d bumped into Dave McPherson trying to find his way up to the new secret garden area, accompanied him up there and stuck around to watch him play his own secret set. Which was awesome.

Other weekend music highlights included InMe in the Cave (which left me with moshpit bruises, but was so much fun – and loud… really loud!), Stealing Sheep’s impressive and innovative set headlining the Leaf Lounge, which ended in an outdoor un-amplified performance with their marching band (a joyous thing indeed), Stornoway on the main stage (despite sound issues that delayed the start of their set) and an emotional Ben Marwood playing to an adoring crowd at the Treehouse.

Ben Marwood at 2000Trees 2013

Ben Marwood at 2000Trees 2013

And let’s not forget eating icecream from the Split Screen Icecream Company, basking in the shade of the tree with cider, playing on the busk stops scattered through the site, and the delicious freshly-made pizza.

There were one or two negatives – the heat over the weekend was intense (the temperature in our tent was 50°C at one point! Phew) and hard to cope with at times (not that I am knocking the sunshine, just not being able to take a break from it), the sound on the main stage had a few more issues than it has in previous years, and a few people that we spoke to reported problems with security.

For me though, 2000Trees is still a fim favourite festival and I am definitely going to return again this year for more of the same – great line-up, great food and great times.


*I seem to have a habit of missing Frank’s unofficial appearances at Trees – the first year we went, hubby and I woke up to singing in the middle of the night, thinking ‘that sounds like Frank Turner…’. Too tired to get up and investigate, we discovered in the morning that it was indeed Mr Turner, resulting in a now-legendary campsite sing-along, which we missed.


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The Hidden Art of Finishing Stuff

I am not a strong finisher. The final hurdle in any given task has always been the hardest for me, which may explain why I haven’t updated this blog since July. It’s not that I haven’t been writing posts – I have a heap of them in the drafts folder – it’s just that I haven’t been finishing posts.

And it’s not just blog posts – I have so many unfinished projects kicking round that I’ve lost count of them. The table I was up-cycling, the jewellery that I intend to fix one day, the sewing pile that isn’t getting any smaller… the list goes on. It’s a miracle that I even ever manage to finish a song… but who knows how many scraps of lyrics I have in various box files and folders in my studio.

I constantly write lists, and although they help, I often find myself procrastinating or doing something that isn’t even on the list but somehow seems more important right now (wait, that’s still procrastinating, isn’t it?). Even if I set myself deadlines, they are usually ignored if they are self-imposed and not dictated by something outside my control.

So what do I do? Is it beyond the realm of possibility to hope that I can change my ways?

To try to give myself (and you) a helping hand, here’s a few interesting posts on the subject:

It seems the most common problem is to make your goals too vague, leaving you feeling like you don’t know where to start, let alone finish. This sounds very, very familiar to me, so my first task is to break down my to do lists into more manageable chunks – I may not be able to tick off ‘sort out kitchen’ but I am much more likely to complete the task if I put ‘wash dishes’ and ‘wipe down kitchen surfaces’, for example. I’m going to give this a try, and to apply a few more tips from the articles above – we’ll see if it makes things easier.

Do you have any tips for getting through your to do lists? What makes you feel productive? Let me know in the comments!

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First Tattoos and Body Image:

I got my first tattoo done back in March. It’s something that I considered doing for a very long time before actually taking the plunge. I’ve admired tattoo art for years and years, but I’ve always been a bit put off getting my own for a few reasons: a. it’s permanent and I am a fickle beast, b. the pain/being slightly freaked out by needles, and c. justifying the cost.

So what changed my mind?

Well, it started with a Valentine’s day treat (or an Anti-Valentine’s treat I should say). My husband and I don’t usually ‘do’ Valentine’s; we’ve been together a long time and both of us hate the commercialism that has taken over  Feb the 14th. So, when I saw a Bands and Burlesque ‘anti-valentine’s’ night advertised at one of our local venues I thought it sounded like a great idea. And so we went.

It was a brilliant evening: the band were Cannibal and the Corpse (full-on high-energy psyco-billy), the burlesque acts were highly entertaining – and then came the raffle. I had bought some tickets more because it was for charity than for the sake of winning anything, so imagine my surprise when the very last ticket drawn was mine – and the prize… a voucher for two hours of tattoo time with a local artist.

I am not one to let such good fortune go to waste, but nor am I one to jump in willy-nilly – so I duly checked out the website/Facebook page of said tattoo artist and, following some advice from the good old interwebs, looked carefully at his past work to make sure it was of good quality, seemed to be to my taste stylistically, and that the tattoo parlour itself was legit. All seemed fine, so after popping in to discuss what I wanted, I booked the appointment.

Tattoo first sketch

Tattoo first sketch

Above is the sketch I gave to James, the tattoo artist – the green dragon represents Earth and the red dragon, Fire; together they represent balance or harmony. If you want, it’s also like the two opposing sides of my personality (sensible me and reckless me), which co-exist together as part of my whole. Or, it’s just two dragons – but dragons are awesome, so that’s ok.

When I returned to the tattoo parlour for the appointment, I was shown the design as it would be done on my skin – James had embellished it with clouds and lightning and it looked amazing. He transferred it on to my skin before starting with the outline. The tattooing did hurt, but it was never too painful to deal with – kind of like a cat scratch but over a longer period – and we took a few breaks when it started getting sore. One little tip though: if you’re getting a tat done make sure you eat properly first (in hindsight a small bowl of cereal was not enough breakfast – felt a bit weird afterwards!).

Aftercare wise, it was pretty simple – keep it clean, don’t soak it in water, keep it moisturised (James recommended Bepanthen),  and don’t scratch while it’s healing. It was sore for a couple of days, itchy/peeling for a week or two after that, but it healed up well and I’m so happy with it.

Showing off the final tattoo (pic by David Hobson)

Tadaa! Finished tattoo (pic by David Hobson)

Reactions have been mostly positive, though the most common ones are ‘wow, that’s quite a big piece for your first one’, or, when I explain that my husband doesn’t like tattoos, a slightly confused ‘but you got one anyway?’. Yes, I did. Hubby would never dream of dictating what I do with my own skin.


The thing I didn’t expect though, was the strange side-effect – my tattoo has changed how I feel about myself. When I catch sight of it looking down or in a mirror, I feel kind of proud. Proud to have endured the pain of getting it in the first place, yes, but mostly of how it represents who I am, where I am now, and how far I have come to get here. The last couple of years have made me re-consider a lot of things, make changes in my life and attitude towards it, so this is a visual marker of my progress.

As I said – the two dragons represent balance and harmony, and sometimes, just sometimes, I’m starting to feel like I’m finding it.


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Things to do before I’m 30 Re-visited

Last year I wrote a list of ten ‘Things to do Before I’m 30’ – and then spectacularly failed to do any of them before I hit the big three-zero.

Never mind, I thought – why give yourself an arbitrary deadline? Why not do these things in your own time? And so that’s what I’ve been doing, and now seemed like a good time to re-visit the list to see how I’m getting on. If you want to see my reasons for the things on the list, the original post is here.

  1. Record an album – Well, it’s in progress… But I am gradually creeping closer to being finished as I now have 11 tracks recorded and close to being ready for mixing. Then I just need to get the thing mastered and produced! So a bit of a way to go, but I’m getting there.
  2. Improve my instrumental skills – I’ve started taking piano lessons again, and I’ve been working on my guitar skills. This is one that won’t ever really stop though, so maybe putting a deadline on it was a mistake in the first place…
  3. Go on tour – I’m hoping to start booking dates soon, but it’ll depend on when I can get the album released.
  4. Start learning Spanish – Yeah, this one’s on the back-burner.
  5. Travel – I went to Tunisia, which was ok, and I’m off to Spain in September, hopefully (hmmm, maybe I should make more of an effort with the above point before I go!). I still aim to travel more though.
  6. Get a tattoo – Done! I never actually thought I’d go through with this one, but here we are. Did it hurt? Yes. But not too badly, actually, and I’m really pleased with the result.625651_10151268490431890_1263217523_n
  7. Try something different with my hair – I dyed my hair black for the last Malmesbury Carnival (so technically, I did get this done before my 30th!), but it faded out really quickly and I couldn’t be bothered to re-do it. I’m still quite bored with my hair so maybe I’ll have another crack at it one day. I’m just not very good at making the effort with stuff like that though.
  8. Create a cartoon character that is “edgy enough to be alternative, but still cute enough to be marketable” (like Skull Panda) – Yeah, another one on the back burner.
  9. Write a non-serious song –  and another.
  10. Try snowboarding – and another!

Well, there it is – my half-arsed attempt at doing a list of things.

I might give up on a couple (like the non-serious song… attempts at humour have been poor. I’m just not naturally funny!), but I’ve actually achieved more than I thought I had. Maybe you’ll read this and think it’s not a very successful list, that I’ve failed in meeting my own targets, but it doesn’t matter really. What matters is that I haven’t given up, that I’m trying, and slowly working towards finishing the items that are really important to me.

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Change is important, and be it good or bad we should try to embrace it. 

I started a new job a few months ago, working two days a week. Dropping down from working full time has made a great deal of difference to me – I am happier, and generally more positive about life.

Not that I don’t have down days, but I can see this job as a means to an ends and it doesn’t stop me from doing the thing that I love as much – unlike my old job, which seemed to constantly be in my thoughts and to consume my time, even when I wasn’t there.

Since leaving, I’ve started feeling a lot more in control of my own life. Although I am not yet making money from doing what I love (making music), I am working towards it. I am taking steps towards the mountain, as Neil Gaiman so elegantly put it in this speech.

The only problem is that now, on my ‘non-working’ days, the only person who’s standards I have to meet are my own – and that can be an issue. I can do stuff in my own time which, although it’s a fantastic thing to be able to do, does give me heaps of scope to procrastinate. Secondly, I am quite hard on myself when things don’t sound as I think they should. When you’ve only got your own instincts to go by, how do you know when something is ‘good enough’ or even finished?

In the long run though, I feel like I’m moving forwards again. I’m not feeling stuck or trapped like I was at the end of last year, and that’s given me welcome space to change my outlook, be much more creative and to focus where my priorities lie.

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Post It Note Sketches

Post It notes – I love them… But we’ll get on to that in a bit.

First, I’d like to explain what’s been going on in my life recently. Of course, if you read my last post, you’ll know that I quit my job a while ago, and at the time, was not-so-patiently waiting for life to re-start when I’d worked the last of my notice there. Well now it has, and I have to say, the difference in my mood and personality has been amazing. It’s so nice to wake up in the morning and to decide for myself what the plan for the day is. Yes, it’s now completely up to me to get motivated and to get stuff done, but I can work on what I like when I like, and that has made me so much happier.

Financially it makes sense for me to look for another job at least part-time, but at the moment my priority is to get the never ending album project finished and that is what I am concentrating on.

So anyway, back to the point. When I was not so gainfully unemployed, I used to sketch little things on Post-It notes. It was kind of a coping mechanism as it gave my mind a small break from whatever spreadsheet I was staring at. Apparently doodling has been shown to help memory and concentration, but even so, my little sketch collection seemed to be frowned upon… yet I couldn’t bring myself to throw them all out.

Recently I was tidying up the studio and I found a stack of ones that I’d brought home with me, so I thought I’d share them:

And if you like those, here’s a tumblr dedicated solely to the art of Post-Its. You can even send in your own!

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In Limbo

It’s a Thursday afternoon and here I sit, in limbo. Having handed in my notice at work, it feels like I am just waiting for the end to start. And once that happens, perhaps I can begin anew.

I do feel better though, despite the nagging fear that there won’t be another job out there, or that I won’t be able to find the self-motivation to finish the projects that I am determined to make time for. In this limbo state, I can see more clearly that this is not a bad thing.

Change is important, and whether life after my old job turns out to be good, bad or even a complete surprise, I know that I would have regretted staying.

So, thank you to everyone who sent me messages or who I’ve chatted with since my last blog post . Thank you for your support, concern and advice – I appreciate your thoughts, both positive and negative (or sensible, as they’re also known :)). It’s good to know you’re there.

And the countdown continues…

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