About Ells

I go by many names… well, three if you’re counting but mostly I am known to my friends as Ells. I am also known as Eleanor or Ellie Ponting, just in case you were wondering.
Anyway, music and stuff… so, I started out as a solo musician when I was at uni, where I studied Popular Music and Music Technology. At that point I was mostly performing at Open Mic nights and now…. well, I still perform at Open Mic nights! But now I run them with my hubby as The 4014 Project. I’ve also played at local venues such as The Priory Inn, Tetbury and at events such as Malmesbury Carnival – and more recently the prestigious Colston Hall in Bristol (in the bar, but still!).
This blog is a kind of random collection of my thoughts and stuff that I’ve been up to recently. Hopefully someone out there will find it interesting…. but let’s be honest, with all the millions of blogs out there – it’s likely that you won’t! Nevermind, it’s therapeutic to rant sometimes, and so that’s what I’m doing.

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