10 Things that I have learnt from watching Tattoo Fixers

I love Channel 4’s Tattoo Fixers… I mean love it.

The show has been given some criticism lately, and to be fair, it’s not a genuine representation of how a tattoo parlour runs, or the sometimes lengthy process involved in a good cover-up (as far as I can tell – I am definitely not an expert!), but it does make for good telly.

Anyway, putting aside the controversy, here is a list of things that the show has taught me through the totally reliable medium of reality TV (ok, I admit it – some of these are just common sense really):

  1. DO NOT let your friends tattoo you (unless said friend is actually a tattoo artist in a studio and not a random person with a tattoo machine)
  2. DO NOT tattoo yourself – I mean really, why would anyone do this?!
  3. DO NOT let your ‘friends’ influence your decision to get a tattoo – see point below
  4. DO NOT get a tattoo when drunk (especially when on holiday in Magaluff, or wherever, where there are, apparently, heaps of tattoo shops who’ll do any ridiculous design for really drunk tourists)
  5. Getting an ‘edgy’ or ‘funny’ rude tattoo is a bad plan – the joke will wear thin and you’re left with a permanent design that you’re ashamed to get out in front of the children…
  6. Never get a partner’s name/portrait tattooed – relationships change unexpectedly; sad but true
  7. A tattoo can reflect who you are, but sometimes things can change and said tattoo can become a reminder of who you once were – luckily, there is something you can do about it #PutASkullOnIt
  8. Get your tattoo done in a proper parlour where hygiene is taken seriously
  9. Before you choose a tattooist, check out their previous work – look at quality of the lines and shading, check out their style to make sure you like it. Hopefully that way you won’t end up with a disaster on your skin.
  10. and finally, in at number 10… think before you ink!




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