Little Things

Small things amuse small minds they say. If that’s the case, I must be pretty small-minded… but I think that little things can make all the difference.

So, here’s a list of little things that have given me happy little moments lately and why:

  • Piano practice – I never thought I’d say this as I hated piano practice for years, and am notoriously bad at getting into a routine. I’m really enjoying the improvement I’m seeing after only a few weeks of re-starting lessons and making an effort to play (nearly) every day. And I like the way my fingers feel slightly stretched out after I’ve played.
  • Discovering new stuff – New music, new films, new books, little nuggets of new information… it’s all good.

Sharing new stuff

      – One of my friends was winding me up about my ant-fear the other day, but in the process he shared

this article on ant super-colonies

    with me. Ants are pretty flippin’ impressive, even if they do scare the heck out of me. Sharing is fun, see.
In my friend's defence, I started the ant conversation by sharing this image with him... (from )

In my friend’s defence, I started the ant conversation by sharing this image with him… (from

  • A little act of rebellion – Shhhh… I use headphones at work. And they’re not allowed! I’m such a bad girl.


      – Good dark chocolate is my favourite – rich and strongly flavoured, but not too bitter. All other forms of chocolate are acceptable though. And it’s such a creative thing: check out one of my favourite local chocolate shops,

Lick The Spoon in Cirencester

Chocolate Lollies from Lick the Spoon, cirencester

Chocolate Lollies from Lick the Spoon, Cirencester


  • Tidying my record collection – The other day I went through and put all the CDs that were scattered around the house away. I put all the mixed up CDs back in alphabetical order. Boring and slightly anal, yes – but also kind of soothing. It’s also a reminder of what music I actually have – there were several albums that I had almost forgotten about and not played for ages that I just had to put on even as I was tidying. Reconnecting with albums you used to listen to a lot is good for the soul.

I have a feeling that everyone has these little things that cheer them up – what are yours?


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