There, There, Poor Neglected Blog

I haven’t posted for a while. Nor have I forged ahead with the changes I had promised to make to this here blog (except for re-categorising the posts – see the nav in the sidebar!).

But why? What possible excuse can I have for neglecting my poor little blog?

To be honest, I have no excuse. Lately I just seem to have lost all my drive – I haven’t found anything worth writing about. Even the good stuff that I’ve been up to lately, like the two excellent gigs I attended at Gloucester Guildhall in the past month or so, which is… well, bad.

But, you don’t come here to listen to me go on about how lame I am (or maybe you do… who am I to judge?); you come here for ill-thought-out rants about culture and slightly over-enthusiastic reviews of stuff I’ve listened to/bands I’ve seen (or maybe you don’t… how would I know?).

So, on that note, my next post will probably be next week – after I have been to London to see the legend that is Frank Turner play Wembley, then driven up the M4 back into the Shires to catch the Trees on Fire mini-fest in Cheltenham.

I might ramble enthusiastically. Sorry.


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