I, Slacker, Solemly Resolve To…

Finish something.

Alright, yes, I’m jumping on the new year’s resolution band wagon again this year. I didn’t fail wholeheartedly last year (I’m still bloggin’, ain’t I?), but some of my firm and passionately made resolutions did fall by the wayside by… um, July (ish).

I guess that’s not as bad as the guy I heard on the radio the other day who resolved to stop smoking and half an hour later had a cigarette in his mouth, but still…

So, this year’s resolution is to finish something. Anything.

It could be a new project; it could be one of the many little half-done things that I have hanging around in my music room looking forlorn and unfinished; it could be the ‘things to do before I’m thirty‘ list that I made; it could even be the never-ending recording project that is my album (finger’s crossed!).

I just want to get something properly and actually finished. Finito. Terminado. Complété. Perficitur.* Done.

On a lighter note – Happy New Year everyone. Hope you enjoyed the celebrations, however you spent them. Oh, and best of luck with any resolutions that you’ve made. 🙂

As a little final treat, what better way to start 2012 than with an appropriately January-themed Lolcat?

Image from icanhascheezburger.com

*Thanks Google translate!


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