Things to do before I’m 30

Oh my word, I am 29 years old! How the heck did that happen?

What?! The natural process of aging, you say? Wait a second… you mean I’m not immune to that?

Hmm, if that’s the case, I’d better get on and write a list of stuff to do before I hit the big three-zero… because everyone’s got to have a list, right?

  1. Record an album – or more specifically, finish the album I have been working on at home for quite some time now…
  2. Improve my instrumental skills (or lack of) – I should probably get some lessons or something.
  3. Go on tour – to market the mystical album… it’s got to be done, right? Right!
  4. Start learning Spanish/take a Spanish class – because learning is cool.
  5. Travel – I want to go to all sorts of places, but I reckon Italy is next on my list (despite wanting to learn Spanish.. hang on, I might be doing something wrong there).
  6. Get a tattoo – I have two or three designs in mind, but can’t decide which to get. Also, will I be able to handle the pain?
  7. Try something different with my hair – I’m thinking red. Hubby thinks I am too shy to carry it off, but I guess we’ll see! Haircuts are a big deal to me, so this might take as much courage as getting the aforementioned tattoo…. well, almost.
  8. Create a cartoon character that is “edgy enough to be alternative, but still cute enough to be marketable” like Skull Panda. Why? Just for fun really…
  9. Write a non-serious song –  one of my friends set me this challenge aaaages ago, and I’ve totally failed to finish it so far. There was the Cheese Song, but that will NEVER see the light of day… Let’s not speak of it again.
  10. Try snowboarding – I tried surfing once and I was rubbish at it… I wonder if snowboarding will go better?

So there it is – ten things to do before I’m thirty. And if you’re wondering what brought on this sudden urge to create this list… it was beans on toast.

No really it was! It was this song, by Beans on Toast:

Beans on Toast – Things to do Before You’re Thirty



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