What I did on my blogging holidays…

OK, so this post is a little over-due. It’s been ages since I put my blog on hold while I was busy during late August and early September, and I haven’t really talked about what I did in that gap. But I did promise an update, and we all know that keeping promises is important…

So, I’ll start with TreeFest, because that was first.

Jon and I, under our 4014 Project alter-egos, were asked to provide heaps of local music for the TreeFest Festival at Westonbirt Arboretum. We stage-managed the Royal Oak Marquee for the weekend with help and support from the events team at Westonbirt, and our lovely volunteers who apparently had nothing better to do that weekend… and very glad we are that they didn’t too!

Grubby Jack Treefest 2011

Grubby Jack headlined on Saturday and got everyone's toes tapping

Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun Treefest 2011

Friday night headliners Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun abandon the stage for an intimate in-crowd performance

I’ll not go into too many details about the event, but suffice to say we consider it a great success, and once again I want to thank everyone who appeared on our line up and everyone who helped out. It was a fab weekend of hard work, lots of laughs, wonderful music, and many a bad pun about loitering-within-tents.

And the good news is that the 4014 Project has been asked back for next year… already plans are a-foot.

If you are interested, check out the 4014 website for more details, a gallery of more TreeFest pics and loads more.

Feeling like we deserved a holiday after all that excitement, hubby and I jetted off to Ibiza to get a well-earned rest. And by rest I mean doing lots of walking and swimming, eating lots of Mediterranean food and drinking lots of wine…

Ibiza is a lovely island if you avoid clubbing (I have nothing against Ibiza club culture, but it’s just not me) and we had great fun exploring the rock pools on the beaches and wandering up the path by the river in Santa Aurelia. Hubby got very excited about all the little lizards running around; gleefully pointing them out to me with cries of  ‘Look! Tiny little dinosaurs!’. Yes, he is in his 30’s now… but that’s no excuse for not being silly.

We spent far more time trying to capture pictures of these little critters and the beautiful views than we did of ourselves doing touristy things; as you can see from the selection here (we even tried out some night photography… ooh, arty!):

So there you go – now everyone knows where I disappeared to for those few weeks of not blogging.


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