Talking About The Weather

We Brits are obsessed with the weather.

Actually, that’s not true – the British are obsessed with moaning about the weather.

It doesn’t  matter whether the weather is wet, windy, dry, still, hot or cold – it always seems to be ‘bad weather’. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a natter about the current conditions as much as the next person – but does it always have to be so negative?

Alright, I confess that I am not totally guilt-free when it comes to moaning, but it felt like I was the only person who wasn’t constantly saying how bad the weather was over the summer, and how it wasn’t ‘right for this time of year’. And yes, that did begin to annoy me (how did you guess?). I know it wasn’t constantly blazingly hot and sunny, but when you think about it, was it really that awful?

Maybe it’s just me, but I like the changes in the weather, especially when the British climate is unpredictable. I don’t mind if the summer is wet or hot, and winter – well it’s supposed to be cold, isn’t it? Late winter can get a little depressing with its constant dark grey-ness, but it brings with it the promise of changes to come with the spring.

I wondered why this constant weather-moaning gets to me so much, and I think I’ve figured it out: We’re taking the weather for granted.

The world’s weather systems fulfill a vital role in keeping the atmosphere of earth livable. The rain cleanses the atmosphere. The wind currents keep the air moving so that it is fresh and helps distribute water around the world. The sun keeps the earth warm enough for life to flourish. If you think about the weather on a large-scale, then you realise that without it, earth would be a barren and harsh place. The weather is powerful, and it is vital to the health of the planet.

There’s an old saying “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes”. So, I urge you to grab the proper attire and get out there and enjoy the weather whatever it is*. Remember, fresh air is good for you.

Edit: Thought it’d fun and appropriate to add this vid of Mint Royale’s Remix of classic song Singing in the Rain. Enjoy!

*Although I wouldn’t recommend heading out in a force 10 gale or anything. Be sensible, now. 🙂


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