It’s Just A Little Crush…

Hello – I am back! I’ve been busy lately, but instead of an update about what I’ve been up to while I’ve been out and about in the real world, I thought I’d re-start my blogging with a random question that has been bugging me:

Is a ‘music crush’ the same as a normal crush?

Frank Turner - yes, we all know I looove him (Image from Wikipedia)

I’ve had quite a few crushes in my time, because once I was a teenage girl… But despite what ‘they’ (whoever they are) seem to suggest, you can still get crushes as a grown up (although you are more likely to get the proverbial taken out of you – see the definition of Twilight Moms at Urban Dictionary).

But here’s the thing – most of the crushes I’ve had have not been completely about looks.

When I was at school I had a thing for Liam Gallagher. Yes, I am utterly embarrassed to admit it now, but at the time I was besotted with him. Not so much because of how he looked – even I could see he wasn’t (isn’t?) as classically good-looking as the neatly-turned-out Boyzone lads that my friends were all mad about – but because I loved Oasis and their music. These days I realise that was because their music sounded like The Beatles re-hashed, and I grew up listening to the Beatles… but I digress.

By the time I hit college, I had out-grown my Oasis obsession and was looking for something new. I didn’t know what I liked really – I listened to punk, metal, rock, acoustic and all sorts of music trying to find my place among them.

Matt Bellamy (image from

And so I found new crushes: Tori Amos, Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, Shirley Manson of Garbage, and (belatedly, unfortunately) Kurdt Cobain,  – followed later by Dave Grohl,  Muse guitarist Matthew Bellamy, and more recently Tim Minchin (yes, he is a comedian but also a brilliant pianist/songwriter) and Frank Turner.

You’ll notice that some of those in the list are women – which kind of illustrates my point, seeing as I fall largely* into the straight, white, lower middle-class English female group. I admire the people I listed above, not just for how good-looking they are/were (and they are good-looking, in my opinion) but for the passion, the emotion and the skill that they put into their craft.

Tori Amos (image from

You see, it was the songs that I fell in love with before the people – I don’t remember it ever happening the other way round with the musicians that I have had/do have crushes on. And to me listening to these songs, and watching the videos that accompany them is a more intense emotional reaction than the one I have to say, seeing the lovely David Tennent on TV, despite his obvious acting talent.

I’d like to hear what you think – am I being silly, and a crush is a crush however you look at it? Or, is there a special place in your heart for the musicians you admire? Does something else entirely float your boat? Am I just trying to justify the shallow adoration of pretty people? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear from you.

*I say largely because although I’ve never had a same-sex relationship, the idea isn’t totally off-limits to me – but I am married, and as such it’s unlikely to happen! Especially not with someone like Tori Amos, heh!



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2 responses to “It’s Just A Little Crush…

  1. Not sure if crush is quite the right way to describe it, but I know what you mean. I used to fancy Davy Jones from the Monkees but then found that Mike Nesmith was the one with the musical talent so I’ve followed him ever since and I definately have an emotional reaction to his music.

  2. Yeah – I see what you’re saying; I use the word crush through lack of a better one. Perhaps it’s more ‘I admire you a lot as a musician and as a person’, but that might be a bit too much of a mouthful!

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