The Morning Monster Speaks…

This is me in the morning - it is not possible for me to shine before 11am. (image from

Thank goodness for husband gently shaking me awake this morning. If he hadn’t, I swear I would still be in bed; dead to the world.

In fact, this is the case most mornings…

Every day is a blur from when I try valiantly to force my eyes to open at around 7.30 (ish – thank you snooze button), until the point where I’m sitting at my desk as the minute just ticks past 9…and even then there’s plenty of melodramatic yawning and eye-rubbing.

Somehow, I am always running late – usually because time magically disappears in the shower. One second I’m stepping in, and the next I’m looking at the clock 20 minutes later thinking ‘what the heck happened there? I really need to get out!’. Or I’ll get distracted by the radio – I’m nodding along to a tune on 6Music and then suddenly the realisation hits me that actually, the news has already been on, which means that it’s gone 8.30, which means I should be out the door already and I still need to brush my hair and clean my teeth…

At this early hour I am supremely jealous of (and grateful for!) my hubby, who seems able to leap out of bed, greet the day with a smile and even have time to make sandwiches for us both… how is that even possible? We went to bed at the same time; how is he not tired? How is he able to string coherent sentences together? And concentrate enough to put ham between slices of bread without cutting himself?

I suppose now is the time to issue an official apology for every morning that I have taken my sleepiness out on him in a grumpy way: I am very sorry, it’s not you – it is most definitely me. Cheerfulness doesn’t normally start to creep in until at least 11 ish.

But then you know that – you’ve lived with the monster that I am in the morning for a long time now, and still haven’t given up on at least getting a hug before work. Well done you.



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2 responses to “The Morning Monster Speaks…

  1. Some of us is larks and some of us is owls. Everything from my disposition to my ability to stand straight on the Wii Fit board improves as the day goes on!! Luckily for me, Richard, like Jon, is alive in the mornings and good at providing getting out of bed coaching and support

    • “getting out of bed coaching and support” – I like it! There must be some way of making that into a money-spinning business… the owls of the world would flock to our doors!

      Although on second thoughts, that might involve lending out partners… which probably isn’t the best idea after all! :s

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