The 30 Day Song Challenge, Part 8: Days 18, 19 and 20

Time for another dose of the 30 Day Song Challenge. We’re now up to days 18, 19 and 20 – that means only 10 more days to go! Yeah!

Day 18: A Song That You Wish you Heard on the Radio: Paranoid Android, Radiohead

I love OK Computer era Radiohead, but you never, ever, ever hear those songs on the radio. Paranoid Android is over 6 minutes long, and has weighty lyrics & lots of dynamics, making it particularly unfriendly for our radio-waves (apparently). Oh well, it’s an amazing song anyway, so enjoy!

Day 19: A Song From your Favourite Album: Singalong, Ben Marwood

Hmm, choosing a song from my favourite album involves me deciding what my favourite album is. There are many albums that I love, each stirring up different memories or emotional states. In fact, OK:Computer, mentioned above, is one of my all time favourites. But, no – I think I’ll go for something more recent. One of my favourite albums of the moment is Ben Marwood’s Outside There’s a Curse. I couldn’t find the track I wanted (JJ Abrams) on YouTube , so you’ll have to make do with a live version of Singalong. Which is fine by me really (although the sound quality isn’t great).

And lastly:

Day 20: A Song That You Listen You When You’re Angry: We’re In This Together, Nine Inch Nails

When I am frustrated or angry, I like the sound of distorted guitars to soothe my soul. This is a great song for screaming along with after a bad day (in the privacy of the car or shut in your room like a teenager, of course). Grahh!


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