Taking stock: A Look Back on my Resolutions…

Late last year I made some resolutions and was all excited to be getting on with them. So, we’re in July now and I suspect that absolutely none of you care whether I have kept to my word or not: so that means it’s about time I had a review to see how I’m getting on…

So,  what was it that I resolved to do all those months ago? Well, handily, here’s the  list:

  • Blog more (and better): This is going fairly well so far – I’m managing to keep this very blog updated regularly. Admittedly, it’s not quite up to the three-posts-a-week that I was hoping to work up to but I am averaging around one or two posts a week, which I am pretty happy with. Whether or not my blog is better than it was when I started is subjective;  I’ll let you make up your own mind on that. Things are going ok, so I’ll just carry on then…
  • Play more (and better!): Hmm, must try harder on this one… This was the resolution I really wanted to keep, but I’ve definitely struggled to stay on top of a practice routine. I’ve played a fair few gigs this year (which is nice), so I’m not rusty – I’ve just not really managed to practice regularly enough to improve my playing either. Time for a re-think, and some advice, perhaps?
  • Warm ups, la la laaa: I have been trying to remember this one, but could probably try harder. The idea was to make sure I warm up properly every time before singing. At the moment,  I’m not taking the time to make sure I’ve warmed up effectively, nor am I doing it every single time I practice (which I should be doing more anyway). Naughty!
  • Looking out for number 1: Well, the idea behind this resolution was that I sometimes forget to try to make the best of myself when I’m stressed, or tired, or am just feeling lazy. I’m generally not that bothered about my appearance most of the time – hence the resolution to at least make it look like I care a bit – but I am trying to make more of an effort when the occasion calls for it. I’ve made an effort to keep on top of stuff like making sure I have enough time to get ready properly and taking time to rest if I’m tired so that I’m not as stressed generally; I’ve been keeping an eye on what I eat, but I’ll admit that I’ve not been exercising enough. Oh, and I still haven’t got my hair cut. So, overall not bad – but there’s still improvements to be made.

Well, there you go – I am doing well in some areas and not so well in others. Such is life I suppose – but the thing that is annoying (and it’s annoying because it’s all my fault!) is that it’s the most important resolution that I’ve let slip the most.

In the spirit of my original resolution post; I’m not giving up. I just need to have a look at the current situation and see where I can make improvements, and how I can work those improvements into my life.

If anyone has any tips on incorporating practise time (and exercise!) into your daily routine and not flaking out on it, then I’d be very interested to hear from you in the comments. Or, if you’ve successfully managed to change your thinking to include new habits, or even if you’re struggling along like I am, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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