Procrastination, Perfectionism and My Album (or Lack of)

My album is a list of songs in my head.

It is a group of files on my computer.

It is a work in progress.

It is not yet a physical thing, and this has been the case for quite some time now.

I googled my name the other day (don’t judge – you’ve all done it too, whether you admit it or not!), and came across an article in which I was described as ‘currently working on her first recorded album’. The article was written back when I lived in Tetbury. I moved over 2 years ago.

So, this little nugget of information has got me wondering why I can’t seem to get my head down and finish. Plenty of my friends and peers have released work over the period in which I’ve been trying to get this done.

I suspect it boils down to three things:

  • I am a perfectionist – I am never happy with the work I have recorded
  • I am afraid of failure, and because of this I lack the motivation to follow through on my ideas
  •  I procrastinate – as a symptom of the two reasons above, I waste the time I have because I’m afraid of really starting.

So, essentially what I need is a kick up the arse.

Any volunteers?


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