The 30 Day Song Challenge, Part 6: Days 12, 13 and 14

Continuing the Thirty Day Song Challenge, we get to Days 12, 13 and 14 – so we’re nearly half way through (finally)! Yaysels!

Day 12: A Song From a Band You Hate: Oasis – Half the World Away

Once upon a time, before I grew up and got a better perspective on music in general, I loved Oasis. These days I can’t listen to their songs without, well, cringing.

I would go so far as to say that I hate them, and I just don’t understand why young me loved them so. Odd how your tastes change…

Anyway, Half the World Away is one of the few Oasis songs that I can still listen to without a vague sick feeling of regret, so that’s why I’ve chosen it.

Day 13: A Song That’s a Guilty Pleasure: Tiffany, I Think We’re Alone Now

Yes, ok – it’s cheesy; yes, ok – it’s really 80’s and embarrassing… but guilty pleasures aren’t guilty unless you’re embarrassed to admit you like them. That’s kind of the point.

So, if I’m drunk enough to dance, I’ll probably be up and drunkenly dancing to this. Thank fuck that doesn’t happen often… 😉

And now; last but not least…

Day 14: A Song that No One Would Expect You to Love: Adele, Rolling In The Deep

So I hear that Adele’s been at number 1 in the album charts for weeks and weeks now – which means it kind of ruins my indie/hipster cred to admit that I really love this song.

So called credibility aside for one second though – it’s nice to see an artist who is doing incredibly well because of the strength of her songs and her voice, and not for verging-on-pornographic videos and sexy marketing. Adele; for that I salute you.


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