A Wishlist of Live Performances to See…

Narrowing down a wish-list of bands to see is difficult for me – there’s so many! And that’s not including the bands that I’d love to see again (and again and again in some cases).

So, fo the purposes of this post, I’m going to narrow my thinking to bands that I’ve never seen and that would make me uber-excited if the chance for tickets ever came up… although in the case of #1, that’s not going to happen unless I somehow manage to get my hands on a time machine, because number 1 on my fantasy gig-list is:

#1: Nirvana:

I caught on to the Nirvana band-wagon a little late (I was just that little bit too young to appreciate them at the time) so any chance of seeing them play live was gone before I was even fully aware of their greatness. Nevermind is one of the albums that got me truly hooked on music, and the visceral energy of Bleach is just awesome. Seeing them live would just be amazing… and impossible.

Oh well. The next one might be a big more do-able…

#2: Marilyn Manson

I hear that Mr Manson does things big when it comes to stage shows – one of my friends saw him at a festival some years ago and reported giant creatures on stilts, pyrotechnics and other such spectacular devices. It’s not like me to want to see a bandmore for the spectacle than for the music, but in this case I think it would definitely be worth seeing. And also; he rocks.

#3: Queens of the Stone Age

This was a difficult choice…

I really wanted to put Muse down, but having seen them at Glastonbury it would have been breaking the rules; I wondered about putting Friendly Fires down, as I would be curious to see them play; I thought about Madness, because that would just be so much fun…

But I settled on Queens of the Stone Age because they are just an amazing band!

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