Lazy Days, Busy Days, Bank Holidays and the Cute Bunny of Distraction

It’s been a weird old couple of weeks – we’ve had the Royal Wedding, bank holidays and, surprisingly, sunshine galore. But the flip-side of all this loveliness is that I am now officially all-at-sea with life.

My routine has been totally disrupted and I am constantly asking everyone “what day is it?” to the extent that they’re either starting to think I’m crazy or considering putting me back in primary school to re-learn the days of the week.

I don’t mind the disruption so much, it’s just that I’m the kind of person who gets easily distra –

*Look!  A bunny!*

dust bunny

See - told you there was a bunny... heh, dust bunny. (Image from

– wait, where was I?

Oh yes, I get easily distracted, so over the bank holidays and stuff I’ve let a few things slip to the back-burner that probably should get more attention. Like this blog for examples. And also the mythical album which I have yet to finish recording, and have been working on for… well, forever.

Not that it’s been a quiet few weeks of nothingness and free time spent drinking in the garden* – I’ve been gigging a lot over the past couple of weeks, which is great, and we’ve been pretty busy over at 4014 Project HQ. But now the live side of my musical endeavours have subsided for the moment, and I need to take advantage of the time by utilising my evenings and weekends to record, write and generally be creative.

Yep, that sounds good. Now, if only I could stop getting distracted…

*Alright, alright, I admit it – there was a bit of drinking in the garden taking place. It was sunny on a bank holiday Sunday; who wouldn’t make Pimms?!


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