Celebrate Your Local Record Store: Record Store Day – April 16th

Record Store DAyThere’s something special about record shops.

I love them in much the same way that I love book shops – they have a certain frizzle in the air – all that knowledge, culture and pure human expression that’s somehow visible yet not visible; known but as yet unknown. Hidden beneath the cryptic artwork of CD case or cover of vinyl record is the thrill of possibility.

Perhaps you’ll discover a new band that will excite, find a song that cuts to the core or, maybe, just maybe, uncover the new love of your musical life.

Or maybe not – but then that’s all part of the fun.

And like book shops, they have a special smell… kind of musty, but with something else in there that’s hard to put your finger on… or am I the only one mental enough to notice (and like) that?

So anyway, on the 16th of April I shall be heading down to Kane’s Records in Stroud* to show my support for Record Store Day – a day set aside to celebrate the greatness of independent record shops.  Graham Jones – author of Last Shop Standing – will be doing a talk and Q & A session at Kanes from 5pm, which should be informative and thoroughly entertaining by the sounds of things.

There is loads going on all over the rest of the country too, and many artists have made exclusive releases for the day. Should be interesting – and you might pick up some fab new music…

It’s all about the possibilities.

Check out the Record Store Day website here to find out what’s going on near you.

*Kane’s is my “local” record shop – I say that in quote marks because Stroud is actually quite  far away, but I haven’t found a good independent shop closer to me… seriously, if anyone knows one near Cricklade/Swindon let me know!



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2 responses to “Celebrate Your Local Record Store: Record Store Day – April 16th

  1. I love record stores! I inherited my dad’s collection of vinyl which includes everything from Led Zeppelin to Linda Ronstadt, that I have added to over the years. It has made every move with me. I will never give it up. Vinyl just does something to my ears. It transports me. Does that make sense?

  2. It certainly does – as much as I appreciate new technology and ways you can connect with music online these days, there’s just something magic about putting on a record.

    Thanks for sharing the love!

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