Music Is Dead – Long Live Music!

This post – Jon Bon Jovi Blames Apple for Killing Music « Blog « The LP 72980/The LP 999 Blog – made me a little bit angry. Not with the post’s author really, nor even with Jon Bon Jovi for his erroneous (though possibly slightly taken-out-of-context – I couldn’t find the full article) statement, but with the general assumption that music is dead at all.

Monty Python "I'm not Dead"

Gratuitous Monty Python Quoteage - couldn't resist!

Music is alive and well.

The music industry has changed, the format that music is delivered to the masses has changed (or is changing – CD sales are declining but not gone…) and even the way that music is consumed has changed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the constant cries of ‘music is dead’ are in any way founded in fact. Although all these ‘industry’ aspects have changed, music itself is still going strong.

Music is everywhere, and it is hugely important culturally and personally. Yes, you have to go out of your way to seek out music that you connect with, but really – hasn’t that always been the case?

In fact, these days it’s even easier for independent musicians like myself to distribute music through the web and even through physical CDs, and it’s now possible to market yourself and gain a following without the ‘help’ of a record label. And because of this, for consumers it’s a great time to be looking for fantastic new music.

New technology will always change things in the music and entertainment industries, and to be honest, there are some causes for concern (such as some prominent live music venues closing recently). However,  music itself will always have value – and that’s the important thing to remember.



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3 responses to “Music Is Dead – Long Live Music!

  1. EJ's mom

    indeed music is alive and well… what would our world be without music? 😦

    • A sad place indeed – thankfully, I think there will always be music in some form or another to keep the world tapping its collective foot. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment.

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