A look ahead to the South West’s festival season

I love music festivals. To quote a famous advertising tiger “they’rrrreeee Grreeeaat!!!” (note the many exclamation marks and random capitalisation – that multiplies the greatness, I swear.).

Anyway, I know that it is only March and it’s still pretty flippin’ cold out there (although the weather here has been looking up over the past few days), but now’s the time to look ahead to (hopefully) even warmer days and the start of the festival season.

The South West’s biggest festival is Glastonbury, of course, but seeing as A. I don’t have a ticket this year (I forgot to register, and hubby is grumpy about how much it costs these days any way… Grump grump grump.), and B. you probably all know about Glastonbury anyway, I’m going to gloss over this one and concentrate on some of the many smaller festivals in the area.

I love the community feel of smaller festivals – I’ve always felt really welcome at the ones I’ve attended, so this summer I’m planning to get out there and get to as many as possible… and then probably collapse in a big worn-out heap afterwards because I’m not as hard-core as I used to be. *laments the fickle nature of youth*

So, anyway – The 2000Trees festival wriggled its way into my heart when we first attended in 2008 and we’ve been back ever since. Held in July (14th – 16th), this year promises to be bigger and better than ever with the addition of new stage, The Cave. And Frightened Rabbit are headlining, oh and one of my favourite bands OST are playing on the Cave stage, and they also do fancy dress and the theme this year is Ninjas vs Robots vs Cowboys –  so it’s going to be amazing! Based out near Cheltenham, this is a fantastic small festival and well worth a visit – but if you want tickets be quick – I hear they’re selling fast.

Sticking in the Cheltenham area – Wychwood festival takes place on Cheltenham racecourse (3-5th June). Although I have never been to this festival, it looks like a lot of fun. I was excited to see Roddy Woomble on the line up for Sunday, along with South West favourites The Wurzles. Ooh arrr!

Fieldview Festival is taking place from the 4th-7th August, and was great fun last year. I wasn’t able to stick around as long as I’d hoped, but had a whale of a time while I was there. A great little festival, they had a really good mix of bands and even eco-toilets. How rock is that?!

And I’ll finish with the two festivals that I shall be helping out with this summer (and when I say I, I mean The 4014 Project:

The Summer of Love and Music Festival (SOLAM) is taking place near Swindon this year. There is much yet to be confirmed, but it will feature a massive list of local artists, from rock to folk, over two days. I will have to talk more about this in a further post, but will keep everyone updated when I know more – I am already quite excited though.

And finally, The Festival of The Tree at Westonbirt Arboretum is expanding to include music, storytelling and poetry. We will be helping out with the cream of local music, and are planning a fantastic line-up as we speak. Taking place over the August bank holiday, this is going to be a festival with something for everyone to enjoy.

Phew! Before I get too over excited and enthusiastic, I’ll sign off.

But just in case I’ve given you a taste for festival goodness, here’s some links for further info on the events above, and a few bonus links as well.

Oh, and I’ve love to hear from you guys – what’s your favourite festival and why? Who’s the best band you’ve seen at a festival or your best festival moment?

2000Trees Official Site: www.twothousandtreesfestival.co.uk

SOLAM Official Site: www.summerofloveandmusicfestival.net

Festival of the Tree: Forestry Commission Festival Page

Fieldview Festival: www.fieldviewfestival.co.uk

Chippenham Folk Festival Website: www.chippfolk.co.uk

A List of other Festivals in the South West: South West Music Festivals Page

We Love Festivals Website: Find a Festival


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