The 30 Day Song Challenge Part 1: My Favourite and Least Favourite Songs

I was browsing blogs the other day and came across The 30 Day Song Challenge, which has been doing the rounds on blog posts and Facebook for a while, but has somehow completely passed me by until now.

The premise is simple – write about a song that fits a particular criteria (i.e. favourite, or from a band you hate etc.) every day for a month.

Sounds great – but I’m lazy. And for the sake of laziness,  I’m going to approach this slightly differently – each post will briefly cover two songs on the list, and I’ll spread it out a bit so no one gets bored…

Anyway, let’s begin at the beginning:

Day 1 – Your Favourite Song (The District Sleeps Alone Tonight – Postal Service)

I’d like to clarify: this is my favourite song at the moment – my favourite can and does change on a frequent basis. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight has, at least temporarily, crept into my head and lodged itself under my skin and I love it.

The video above is the original version by Postal Service, but I first heard this song performed acoustically by Ben Marwood (at 2000Trees, I believe) which caught my ear enough to lead me to check out YouTube for the original. I also found Frank Turner’s version – note in the vid below he admits he nicked the idea from Mr Marwood…

Each version has its charm, and I love the fact that they’re both so different. But that’s not what makes it my fave… the lyrics are just beautiful – clever, eloquent and heartfelt.

Day 2 – Your Least Favourite Song (Baby – Justin Bieber)

I hate this song so much that I’m not going to post the video – to be fair, you probably know which song I’m talking about anyway: it seems to be everywhere at the moment.

Normally, I try to keep the tone of this blog a little more on the positive side, but I guess my least favourite song wouldn’t be my least favourite if I didn’t despise it wholeheartedly. So, yeah, this next bit might turn into a bit of a rant…

I could go on about how Justin Bieber is a puppet of evil record companies and has been shoved into the limelight with a combination of style-over-substance marketing and a massive amount of pushy-parenting (at least I assume that’s the case – I’d be surprised if I learnt that much of the hype was his own doing).

But I’ll sum it up my hatred of the song like this: Musically, I can find nothing of value in this track – the tune (if that even counts as a tune) is repetitive, it’s not clever, it doesn’t say anything new, you can’t really dance to it because there’s no interest or passion in the rhythm. It is everything that is wrong with the music industry smooshed together and force-fed to the masses, and I for one, do not appreciate it.

Yeah, that was a rant, wasn’t it… but at least it was a short one.

See you next time!


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  1. Sheer Music

    There’s a video of the first time Frank and Ben played District together, which was at a gig in Devizes. Ben played it, and Frank just joined in – it was after that that Frank started playing it himself. Anyway, I’ll be buggered if I can find it in my messages… If I do find it again, I shall post it!

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