Something for the Weekend: Dinosaur Cupcakes (or Muffins..?)

This Something for the Weekend post is slightly late, seeing as it is now Tuesday. Sorry about that – busy weekend…

*coughs awkwardly & pauses – some-one in the background shouts “get on with it!”*

I don’t usually post about food, but I’ve been getting very into baking cute things lately and so was inspired to share with you my latest creation. I made these as a birthday treat for my friend Gwendbob, and as a little something for another friend of mine. Hope you enjoyed!

Credit where credit is due, the idea for dinosaur cakes originally came from this image (although if I’m honest mine didn’t turn out so professional!):

Dinosaur Cupcakes

Dinosaur Cupcakes from Happy Cakes (Little Cakes for Your Happy!)

But anyway, I made up a batch of double chocolate muffin mix (the recipe I used can be found in Muffins Galore by Catherine Atkinson), and set them aside to cool before decorating them.

While the muffins were cooling, I added orange food colouring to ready-roll white icing and mixed and kneaded it until the colour was uniform and rolled it out until it was around 1/4″ thick. Hubby drew out some dinosaur shapes on some grease proof paper, we cut them out, then used the paper as templates to cut out the dinos from the rolled out icing. Hubby then got creative with the icing pens and decorated each dino with a pretty pattern (I think my favourite was bio-dome dinosaur – he looked like a greenhouse with eyes!).

I covered the muffins with vanilla butter-cream icing using a pallet knife, and rolled the edges in multi-coloured sprinkles to give that extra bit of prettiness that only sprinkles can provide. The it was just a question of placing dino on prepared cupcake and serving. Om nom nom!


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