OK, This is the plan…

I mentioned in an earlier post that I have made a resolution to blog more this year, which I have made a start at but haven’t quite reached my eventual goal of posting three times a week.

It is early days yet though, and to make something a habit takes time and happens in small steps. I will admit that this sounds like a conflicting statement to that of my earlier post, in which I said that you need to start immediately once you’ve decided to do something. That is not entirely the case though, as I also said that the most important thing to do is take the first step and not let that initial burst of enthusiasm fizzle out before it has begun. The next part is to keep going with a small change until it becomes a habit, even if you don’t get there straight away.

Anyway, posting regularly takes a bit of planning so as not to be faced with the ‘blank screen of doooooom’ (it has extra os for added effect – it’s that scary!). From now on I’m going to be focussing a bit more on what I’m most passionate about: music (of course!). This should give me heaps to write about, and gives me a chance to make myself stay up to date with the hip and the cool, both on the local music scene (which is brilliant), in global culture and also in the world of music technology (but don’t worry, I’ll try not to go all techie and boring on you… I might occasionally be distracted by new and shiny things though…).

That does, however, leave me with a lot of random still bouncing around in my brain looking for opportunities to sneak out into the world, so I’m stealing another idea from Kristen Lamb – Free For All Fridays! The idea is that once a week I will post about whatever I like, regardless of relevance to anything. Yay! Somewhere for the random to go! Just to feel a bit better about the blatant ripping off, I’m going to call my more random postings Something for the Weekend posts, and save them up for a little weekend treat.

Well, that’s it for now. Hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings through 2010 – Happy New Year everybody!


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