A New Old Discovery (Jimmy Eat World)

Jimmy Eat World Album CoverAs one of my Christmas presents this year I received Jimmy Eat World’s album Bleed American (which, according to Wikipedia was  re-named as Jimmy Eat World after 09/11).

Released in 2001, it’s not a new album. But sometimes newness is subjective – it is new to me. So the excitement of listening to it for the first time was there, mixed with an element of familiarity. I asked for this album because the first track is Salt Sweat Sugar, which I love, but didn’t realise that there’s also a couple of other songs on there that I’ve heard before too, and just didn’t associate with the band (I had one of those “ooh that’s who did this song moments).

I really like that feeling when you finally get round to checking out a band that you’ve heard of but never really looked into, and then you find that they’re good. Really good in this case.

I don’t mind being almost 10 years behind people who’ve had this album since its release – the attitude that some people have that ‘if it’s not current it’s not good’ actually really gets on my nerves. Good music is good regardless of when and how you discover it – and sometimes you find something that connects with you now, that perhaps wouldn’t have when it was first out.

So, to summarise this weeks slightly rambling post – Jimmy Eat World are a good band. If, like me, you haven’t really made the effort to listen to their stuff (and you like loud guitars), then I would recommend that you do.

Over and out!


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