Resolution; Revolution!

Good morning world – I have a hangover (or maybe I’m still a little tipsy, I haven’t decided yet…).

This has put me in the slightly reflective mood that is conducive to making New Year’s resolutions. And yes, I’m aware that I’m a little early, but that’s the ‘revolution’ from the snappy and appealing title of this post – if you make a resolution, the best time to do it and to act on it is now. Yes, right now!

I have been making an effort to lose weight and get a bit fitter over the past 6 months or so, and it has worked because I have learnt one lesson. If you’re going to make up your mind to do something and you want to stick to it, you have to start taking action before you talk yourself out of it by telling yourself it’s too hard, too much or just making excuses. The action doesn’t have to be a huge change in lifestyle, you just have to take the first step – and the rest will follow if you are determined. In fact, smaller changes are much easier to work in to an already busy lifestyle.

So, I hear you cry (in my head anyway – there’s no need to shout at your computer) what have I resolved to do? Well, handily, I’ve compiled a list – complete with the reasoning behind each one – in no particular order…

  • Blog more (and better): – I read a post called Blogging–Part 2 Don’t Feed the Trolls from Kristen Lamb’s very informative and helpful Blog yesterday, which recommends posting three times a week. This is what I’m aiming for and although it may involve a bit more planning, from now, I will be posting three times a week. I’m trusting you guys to hold me to that…
  • Play more (and better!): – Playing music, whether recording, gigging or practicing is surprisingly hard to make time for. Which is crazy, because I’m a musician. It’s what I want to do, it’s what I’m passionate about and playing is the only way to get better at playing! So I’m going to fix my self-inflicted situation by making sure I sit down (ideally every day, but I’ll settle for 5 times a week) and get some playing done. No excuses.
  • Warm ups, la la laaa: – When you sing, it’s important to make sure your voice is warmed up correctly. But this is ignored a lot of the time by singers everywhere. Including me! So resolution number three is to make sure I stop neglecting the warm-up that will help with vocal ‘stamina’ (i.e. how long you can sing for), general technique and will help maintain your voice and protect from future vocal problems.
  • Looking out for number 1: I’m not one of those selfless people that gets so wrapped up in helping other people that they forget themselves (although I do admire those people, and I do try to help others). I do however get too lazy or busy or stressed to look after myself and take pride in my appearance. Not the everyday stuff like washing/cleaning teeth (because not doing those things is gross), but, to give you an example, I will confess that I haven’t been to the hairdresser for almost a year (seriously, it has been that long). So my final resolution is to pamper myself a bit more and to make an effort with my appearance. Hmm, a little pampering sounds particularly good in my slightly hungover brain (yes, I’ve decided – it is definitely a hangover. But don’t feel sorry for me, the pain is self inflicted!).

These are my little goals and they are not hard to achieve with some planning and organisation. And you’ll notice that they’re not massive changes. As I said earlier, small changes are easier to incorporate into a routine.

You’ll also notice that with this post I have already started on the top item of my list – I’m blogging more. See?! Change is easy!

Over to you now – what are your resolutions? And when will you start? Remember – the correct answer is now!



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