News Flash: Zombies March on Bristol!

This weekend was Hallowe’en, which of course the majority of you knew already. What a lot of people wouldn’t know was that this weekend was also the 4th Bristol Zombie Walk!

I vaguely heard about this after last year’s event, and thought ‘oh that sounds fun’ and then promptly forgot about it until about a fortnight ago, when one of my friends posted the info about this year’s walk on Facebook. So, seeing as we were heading into Bristol last weekend to see some friends anyway, we thought we’d give it a go!

Before we went, I did a bit of looking round the interwebs to find out how to make cool zombie wounds and stuff, so if you’re curious, take a look at these articles (although there were loads of amazing costumes, many of them a lot more professional looking than ours!)

I was pretty proud of how we looked on the day – especially considering that by the time we got back from having lunch we only had around 45 minutes to pull everything together… a bit of a rush, but fun anyway!

Personally, I think may favourite part of the day was taking the bus into town and seeing little groups of zombies on the way…well, that and the copious amounts of cider we drank after we left the main group and made our way to the Apple…

This is our video diary of the day – recorded and edited by Jon Ponting. Enjoy!


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