The Weird World of Weightloss

I’ve been doing Weightwatchers you know. And it’s working! So far, I’ve lost 1st and 3lbs, putting me well on my way to reaching my goal of losing 2 stone. And yes, I’m quite proud of myself so far, and have experienced a massive boost in confidence and energy and am generally quite happy.

There have also been some changes that I haven’t been expecting. For example, I’ve been surprised to find my hands of all things have changed shape – my engagement ring is now loose and swivels round on my finger in an irritating way. I’ve also lost more weight from my thighs and the tops of my arms than I even realised was there! I’m quite pleased with the unexpected arm-toning as they look loads better now despite the lack of arm exercise. But, the loss from my thighs is becoming a little annoying… I haven’t lost enough weight from my waist to go down a clothing size, but I’ve lost so much from my thighs that all my trousers are flapping around, looking baggy and generally even more scruffy than I usually am (which is pretty flippin’ scruffy!).

I guess in hindsight I should have expected to loose weight from everywhere and not just my belly, which was the embarrassing part of my body that prompted me to start my weight loss mission, but the truth is, I didn’t. And I guess that highlights a point – we all have parts of our bodies that we focus on and obsess about, usually in a negative light. It seems impossible to get a view of your own body as it really is, and not as a distorted image changed by your own mental outlook. I saw a big belly and that was almost all I saw. It seems that what you see in the mirror is more to do with what’s in your head than the reflected light from the glass.

I suppose, what I’m saying is this:  my weight loss experience so far has changed the way I look at myself for the better, and that now I’m seeing ‘me’ a bit more clearly – or rather more positively. I can appreciate that, yes I am still overweight, but I’m the one who can do something about it; that it’s not all about my tummy, it’s about all of me getting healthier and more active.

I do need to find some trousers that fit though!


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