Happy Times and Minor Set-backs…

Yay! I’ve just come back from holiday! We travelled to Ibiza for just under a week for a very special occasion… My cousin Phil married the lovely Marika on an idyllic beach on the island, where we all danced the night away and drank much wine. Congrats to them, and many thanks to Cath and Santos for the hospitality.

So, the set back… I now have an ear infection due to swimming lots and getting seawater in there. Ew.  I guess I should know better than to leap off a boat into the ocean and expect not to get too much water in my ears! So, hopefully the antibiotics will help, but it’s really annoying not being able to hear properly and it’s making it impossible to sing.  Guess I’ll just have to rest my voice as well as my ears for a while… I have been making the best of it and recording some guitar tracks for Break in the Weather (it’s about time I recorded a proper version of that song…). Here’s hoping it still sounds good when my hearing returns to normal!


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