The Burning Pig Festival Roundup

Rain, shine, wind we had it all! But still, the Burning Pig festival at the Greyhound in Siddington was a great day… and no pig fires this year! We had a huge variety of music from Friggit, who play sea shantys and traditional folk songs all the way to headline band Featherstone with a mix of classic and heavy rock covers.

My favourite band of the day though had to be Ray Hughes and Sian Chandler. Although as part of the organising/compèring team I shouldn’t really have favourites, I couldn’t help but smile.  Ray demonstrated his formidable guitar skills, while Sian sang brilliantly. She has one of those voices that really makes you listen; powerful, yet beautifully melodic. They played acoustic versions of some classic songs such as Feelin’ Good, and it was a great set, even if the weather did have us all diving for cover at that point! If you want to check them out, here’s the Just to Annoy Ray website, which is their full band. 🙂

Our good friends Shadowlight also put in a set of original songs with a mix of acoustic guitar, djembe, bodhran, vocals and fx. They have an interesting sound and have been busy playing at heaps of open mic nights in the area. Keep an eye out for them at one near you!

My own set was slightly effected by the copious amounts of cider I had drunk the night before at the annual Smoking Dog Beer and Sausage Festival in Malmesbury… but if you overlook a few croaky moments, it went pretty well. And announcing the bands was surprisingly fun.

So, to summarise, great music, mixed weather, nicely cooked pig… oh yes, and I forgot to mention Greyhound landlord Jason Hannratty (sorry if I spelt it wrong!) dancing like mad to Featherstone. Brilliant – Can’t wait for the next one which, if all goes well, will be in August. Yay!




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