A summary of Open Mic-i-ness

The 4014 Open Mic night at the Rose and Crown in Malmesbury last Thursday was a great night. It was a little quiet this time, but those that were there were there to listen to the music, which lent itself to a nice supportive atmosphere. The next Rosie Open Mic should be a different story though, as it will be our annual Malmesbury Carnival Open Mic – always a packed affair, and great fun with it!

Back to Thursday though, and  I thought everyone who played was superb (self not included :p). We had tunes from Alison Hustwitt, Relatively Country, Alan Maskell, Nic Black and Shadowlight, as well as a set from me (I can’t get away with not playing!).  It was nice to see so many familiar faces, and always a pleasure to listen to our regulars… If you’re interesting in coming to one of our open mics, click over to the 4014 website for details of the next one… dates escape me right now… but new faces are most definitely welcome. 🙂

On Sunday, Jon and I headed over to The Victoria in Swindon for their monthly Open Mic, on the recommendation of our lovely friends Shadowlight, and were pleasantly surprised to see another of our old pals, JC Leonard (organiser of the SOLAM festival). Again it was a fairly quiet night (must be the time of year), but again the standard of performers made up for the lack of numbers… everyone was brilliant. Thanks to the sound guy (whose name I can’t remember, sorry) who did a great job, and kudos to the Vic – if you’re in Swindon, check it out, it’s one of my favourite venues in the area.

Anywhoo, enough rambling for the moment.




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2 responses to “A summary of Open Mic-i-ness

  1. Im hosting a new Open Mic Calendar. I want a UK wide uptodate record of upcoming events.

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