Could the world just stop for a bit please… I want to finish my book!

So I’m reading Eclipse at the moment…. yes, I know the Twilight series is getting the mick ripped out of it by the internet community, but I’m going to be honest. I like it. I am enjoying the book and have nearly got to the end of it… on the last chapter in fact. But now I’m struggling to find the time to finish the flipping thing! So please, if someone knows how to magic another couple of hours from somewhere, can let me know how? That’d be great, thanks!

Just to clarify though – I’m not an obsessed ‘team Edward’ type. I hated the first film and haven’t seen the second one. The acting was bad, the script wasn’t great (they missed out some quite important bits of dialogue) and the pace of the film was just dreary.

Ok, moan over… thanks for indulging my little outburst…


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