The 4014 Project

We (my husband an I) ran an Open Mic night at The greyhound in Siddington, Nr Cirencester the last Thursday night. It was great…Lots of great performances, some new faces, some old faces, an acoustic cover of Killing in the Name… It was amazing!

We’ve been running Open Mics for a few years now in different venues around the North Wilts/South Glos area in different pubs and stuff, and we’ve had busy nights and quiet nights, had a lot of fun and met loads of fab people. And this year the 4014 Project is getting even bigger!

We’ve been asked by a few promoters/landlords to get involved with their music festivals, so it’s with great excitement I can announce the 4014 Acoustic stage will be present at SOLAM (that’s the Summer of Love and Music Festival, to those not in the know), which will be at the Lysely Arms near Chippenham at the end of August (here’s the SOLAM official site for tickets/more details), and we’ve been asked to get involved with the Burning Pig Festival, a one day event at the aforementioned Greyhound in Siddington.

So, here’s to summer and to the festival season! Yay!

Oh, and I almost forgot – The 4014 Project have a website if you’re interested in finding out more about our musical shenanigans…


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